Mikasa Ackerman, 104th Trainees Squad

Make me choose: Ciel or Kaneki

Tokyo Ghoul Ending

When I first met you, around the time when you called out to me, my family had just died in a plane crash. I was all alone… When I thought about how I was alone and how I was never going to see my family again, I became depressed. I started to think I would be happier if I just died… But, Nishiki-kun, you came to my side and you saved me. So, it’s fine If I die as long as you can live.

Trusting a human is difficult… But if it’s by you then it’s fine if I’m betrayed.


bet daybloggers don’t have this kind of technology


"I just don’t want those charred bones i saw to be disappointed in me."

You think swimming with you is something I’d ever not take seriously? It’s because it’s so serious to me that I can’t just pretend I understand now! But there’s one thing I do know. I want to swim more. This isn’t enough.


titandefense asked: You probably get so many questions on your graphics and I'd to be another one annoying you but do you have a master post or tutorials on how you make them? Thanks!

ahhh it’s fine i don’t really mine questions! but for your question, i don’t actually, i’ve never thought about it before ! maybe i should think about making one? hmm > . >

「It’s pointless without you 」 ➜ 「I want to swim with you 」 ➜ 「Race me for real 」 ➜  「Maybe I was just jealous of Rin 」 ➜ 「Haru, You really are the best in water 」

匿名 asked: do you have any close friends on this site?

do you mean people i know in real life?  i have my irl best friend on here and a bunch of other people from school, though there are users that i talk to a lot!