Even you're talking like this? Where I swim and who I swim for, I'm free to decide that for myself! And I'm saying I'm fine with the way things are!

The boys hanging out but everyone sees them dating so…


do u ever have that one female character who u like that could literally beat u up and you’d say thanks


friendship love is so confusing
its like ‘hm yes id like to bring u flowers and compliment u and make u the happiest person on earth but no romo’

Since young, I’ve never really been good at anything. I was always the one who attended my friends’ dance / singing / etc. shows or admired their artwork or admired how good they were in sports. I’ve never dared to do something “just for fun” because I’ve always been afraid of looking stupid.

In June, that all changed when I started learning how to make graphics. It’s been an arduous process, but I’ve finally found something that I truly love doing even though I may not be the best at it.

I never expected that other people would like looking at my work. Every like, reblog, and follow counts. I’ve finally reached my first milestone of 1k+ followers.

I’d like to thank every single one of you followers for all your support, my mutuals who don’t mind looking at my posts on their dash, all the fellow graphic makers out there who have been such an inspiration to me, and my real life friends who sometimes come up to me aand say really encouraging things about my graphics. In particular, I’d like to thank oruobozado  whose amazing editting skills were the reason why I even started.

In all, thank you everyone for letting my share my love for my fandoms through my graphics.

Oops, this is such a long post, but words really can’t describe how grateful I am and how surreal this feels. Without further ado, here is my 1k Follow Forever:

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ahhh i’m speechless about this (*/_\*)


My blog is such a mess because of Tokyo Ghoul but I just noticed that I reached 7.5k+ followers??????what? omg I’m really happy and shocked that you can bear with me crying and spamming your dashboards you are all angels ily and thank you so much!! 

Anyways I made this super simple follow forever to thank all the awesome people I follow for making my dash interesting and enjoyable. I recommend you guys following them because they’re really hella! (Bolded urls are my friends <3)

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Again, thank you all for everything and I hope everyone will have a great day <3

Suzuya Juuzou (鈴屋 什造), Rank 3 ghoul investigator.


Episode 12 Summary: 


Rin invites Haruka together to a “certain place”—
With Haruka worried and facing a great block on his future, Rin opens up on his feelings, confiding his thoughts. And from here, Haruka quietly wonders about what he wants to do (x)



There isn’t a place for me anywhere now…


Let me pretend my story was not a tragedy.


sometimes all i want in life is for an anime character to share a birthday with me


the bed is warmer on your side

We are you, of course.